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Monty Testimonials

Luca Ciancabilla

"Without Monty English, I would not have had the opportunity to improve my English as quickly and effectively as I have. The course is really beneficial because everything is in English so you have to speak English all the time, not just in class but with friends as well. This really helps you learn quickly. In my class there are students from different nationalities so again you have to speak English to communicate. I love London as a city and I am glad I came to study here. It has a great atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and helpful, although I wish the weather was a little better. Whilst studying at EC London, I think my English level is improving all the time. I feel very motivated to develop my English Speaking skills. So I hope to get even better than I am now."

"After university I chose to study in Worthing as a gift to myself, as well as to improve my English. Without Monty I would not have had the chance to develop my skills so quickly and effectively in the UK. 

I love the sea in Worthing and the people, lifestyle and even the weather were all great. You can do many things. If you like shopping or going to pubs you have many choices. There are also many activities for tourism so you can visit many places linked to the English culture. The south coast has a very good way of life for young people.

I chose CES because the school takes care of the mix of people in each classroom. What I enjoyed most about studying at CES Worthing were the people. All the staff are fantastic."

Silvia, Puglia